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My Favourite Plant Based Superfoods For Pregnancy

Plant Based Pregnancy Superfoods

More now than ever I feel it’s important to fuel my body with the good stuff. Along with a whole foods based prenatal vitamin I try and consume these superamazingfoods every day.

After a large glass of water I mix these into a smoothie each morning to kickstart my healthy eating.

Pregnancy Plant Based superfoods

Kale Powder

because let’s face it some days I just don’t have the fresh stuff. Kale powder is a great way to get extra calcium into my diet every day.

Blackstrap Molasses

This is a new addition to my diet. Blackstrap molasses is rich in mineral nutrients and is a great extra source of iron.

Chia Seeds 

These are called a superfood for a reason! They contain calcium, manganese, phosphorus and are a great source of omega-3 fats.


It’s summer here now and there is an abundance of fresh localy grown berries. High in antioxidants and a great source of fibre, vitamin C, vitamin K, folate and other great things, berries are perfect for pregnant mamas and growing babes.

Coconut Chips

Full of protein, fibre and zinc. Coconut chips are super tasty and my favourite thing to garnish my smoothie with!


I’d love to know, what’s your favourite ‘superfood’ and how do you incorporate them into your diet?

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